Crane Works designs, fabricates, installs and tests cranes, hoists of all types CraneWorks, Inc.

We design, fabricate, install and test bridge cranes, monorails, jib cranes, gantry cranes, lite-rail systems, load beams, spreader beams, and special application lifting devices. Our systems are designed for full compliance with industry and regulatory standards such as CMAA, UBC, ANSI, NEC, HMI, and Cal-Osha.


Projects Page

Aluminum Circular Monorail with Transfer Section - Folsom Dam

Special Purpose 2-TON & 5-TON Dual Winch - Bureav of Reclamation

Roof Top Davit Crane - Canon USA

Older Projects

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3-Ton Underhung Bridge Crane
Caltrans Equipment Maintenance Shop
1/4-Ton Jib Crane
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5-Ton Clean Room Crane
Special 4 point pick system
3/4-Ton Clean Room Crane
Single Girder Underhung
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Clean Room Gantry Crane
3-Ton Capacity - Double Leg Design
Single Girder Bridge Cranes with Twin Hoists
UAL Oakland - Maintenance Center

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5-Ton Single Leg Gantry
Special Low Headroom Application
Single Girder Crane & Structure
2-Ton Trash Rack System
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2-Ton Monorail System
4 Parallel Units - Trash Rack Removal
Bal-O-Beam 3/4-Ton Battery Operated System
pic11.jpg (31392 bytes) pi12.jpg (17429 bytes)
4 3/4-Ton Battery Operated System
2-Ton Gantry Crane
Pumping Plant Operation
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500 Lb High Speed Pnuematic Hoist
Plating & Anodizing Operation

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